24-7 spyz - Gumbo Millennium
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Gumbo Millennium
Gumbo Millennium
1990 - Relativity / In-Effect
  1. John Connely's Theory
  2. New Super Hero Worship
  3. Deathstyle
  4. Dude U Knew
  5. Culo Posse
  6. Don't Push me
  7. Spyz on Piano
  8. Valdez 27 Million?
  9. Don't Break my Heart!
  10. We'll have Power
  11. Racism
  12. Heaven and Hell
  13. We Got a Date
  14. Some Defenders' Memories
Jimi Hazel - Guitar
Rick Skatore - Bass
Anthony Johnson - Drums
P. Fluid - Vocals

Drawing on influences ranging from Judas Priest, Jimi Hendrix and Anthrax to KRS-1, 24-7 Spyz continued to offer a variety of surprises on their absorbing sophomore effort, Gumbo Millenium. Though not quite as strong as Harder Than You, Gumbo is a diverse offering that takes more than its share of chances. Heavy metal/hard rock remains the band's foundation, and listeners never know whether the Spyz are going to turn to rap, ska or punk for inspiration. Social and political commentary is still a key part of the band, which addresses racial polarization on "Racism" and "Don't Push Me" and environmental concerns on "Valdez 27 Million?" For those seeking something fresh and unconventional from metal and hard rock, Gumbo is highly recommended.