24-7 spyz - Temporarily Disconnected
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Temporarily Disconnected
Temporarily Disconnected
1995 - Enemy (Europen Release)
  1. Dogs Come Out (Forrest) - 2:27
  2. Outta Mind, Outta Time (Hazel) - 3:42
  3. Fire and Water (Forrest) - 1:54
  4. Why (Hazel) - 3:57
  5. Body Thief (Forrest) - 3:33
  6. Choose Me (Skatore) - 4:41
  7. Heart of Fire (Skatore) - 6:05
  8. Stoner (Forrest) - 5:55
  9. Boots (Forrest) - 3:23
  10. Agfroovendee! (Hazel) - 4:26
  11. Choose Me [mix] (Skatore) - 4:43
Jimi Hazel - Guitar & Vocals
Rick Skatore - Bass & Vocals
Anthony Johnson - Drums
P. Fluid - Vocals & Bass

The 24-7 Spyz combination of soul, funk, jazz, and metal on display throughout 1995's Temporarily Disconnected is by no means a breakthrough for the group or its fans. After following Living Colour into the metal-as-practiced-by-black-musicians void, 24-7 Spyz tried mightily to not only avoid the predictable stereotypes, but also had to overcome comparisons to the one and only group that ever made a serious and successful effort at what they were also attempting. All preconceptions aside, if the particular brand of eclectic hard rock or metal that 24-7 Spyz practiced didn't sound like Living Colour - soaring, soulful vocals laid over angular, jazz-inflected metal riffing with only occasional references to the Black Sabbath chordings from which so many Caucasian outfits draw their rhythmic influence - then nothing did. There are some hard-driving metal standouts like "Fire and Water" and "Heart of Fire," but the almost wave-ish soft jazz of "Choose Me" - while brilliantly executed - would certainly confound even open-minded metal fans. The jagged musical gifts that this band possesses are on full display on this record, but Temporarily Disconnected is just too scattered to warrant a strong recommendation.